Are you up 11% so far in 2014?

//Are you up 11% so far in 2014?


Dear Fellow Investor

I hope you are satisfied with your investment returns so far in 2014.

If not I have a suggestion, but more on that later.


Newsletter has moved

As you may know for nearly 4 years I have written a very successful newsletter (+95%) for the website

However in February this year we parted ways and the newsletter can now only be found here:


Why should you care?

Why should this be of interest to me, you may be thinking?

Well the returns of the newsletter have been simply outstanding, exceeding even my most optimistic assumptions.


95% in less than 4 years

For example if you subscribed to the newsletter, just less than 4 years ago and followed its recommendations, today you would have nearly doubled the money in your brokerage account (+95% to the end of 2013).

And for the year to date the European recommendations are up 11%.


3.3 times as much as the index

What makes this return even more remarkable is that your return would have been 3.3 times as much as the market over the same period.

The type of return you would like to have in your own portfolio, I am sure


Performance in 2013

This is what the newsletter’s performance looked like in 2013:

European Recommendations                  +52.6%

North American Recommendations        +39.7%


Both substantially better than the indices

I am sure you will agree both the European and North American recommendations did very well, substantially outperforming the indices with:

Europe:  25.2% better than the European STOXX 600 index

North America:  10.1% better than the S&P 500 index


Full track record

One year’s returns are of course not the full story and if you want to see full track record of the newsletter click on the link below:


Get these market beating ideas for your portfolio?

Back to the suggestion I mentioned at the start of the email.

To receive your own market beating investment ideas as soon as possible (for as little as €29.90 per month – less than an inexpensive lunch for two) simply click the link below.

Why not sign up now while it’s still fresh in your mind.


Wishing you a profitable 2014


Tim du Toit

PS           I will of course be happy to send you a recent issue of the newsletter to evaluate. To request your free issue simply reply to this email.

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